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MX-5 NA Soft Top change

Hello everyone. Here is the change of a MAZDA MX-5 NA convertible soft top from Comptoir Du Cabriolet

Jacques L.

THE story of its creation :

The first generation of Mazda was the brainchild of Bob Hall. A motoring journalist. He was nostalgic for the British roadsters his father owned. After an exchange with Kenichi Yamamoto, Mazda’s chief engineer, following the presentation of the RX-7, they discussed Bob’s idea of a roadster.

It was from this idea that he planted the idea that the Mazda MX-5 would become. The Japanese Roadster with a British twist. (Economical / Light / Rear wheel drive).

Bob Hall became a designer at Mazda USA, and while he was working on the B200 pickup, Kenichi came back to him with the idea of the Roadster. Unable to let him work on it at work, it was during these morning and evening breaks that Bob Hall worked on the plans for his next sports car.

By 1960, light sports cars were disappearing as the market focused on cars with safety and comfort as their priority. Mazda had the joy of driving as its main objective. And they wanted to revive these sports cars. They went for lightness, compactness, rear-wheel drive, a front-midship engine, and an affordable price. They wanted to appeal to both new drivers and racetrack regulars.

The designers wanted you to feel joy and happiness just by looking at or sitting in the car. They wanted to optimise the driving experience by improving our view of everything around us in the car, so that we could enjoy the whole environment in real time. Even the amount of wind hitting the driver was predicted.

the release of the MX5-NA :

In 1989 the first Mazda, the MX5-NA or also called Miata, or Eunos Roadster in Japan (Eunos being a brand owned by Mazda at that time) was released. They wanted to revive the roadsters, and they succeeded. In 1990 it sold 75,798 units, 39,850 of which were sold in North America in its first year. The release of the NA was delayed. First, May 1989 for the North American release. Then, September 1989 for its release in Japan. And finally, in 1990 for Europe. It was produced in 95,640 units in 1990.

The MX-5 became very popular, it began to have fan clubs and to be featured in car magazines. To follow up this popularity, Mazda launched the second generation with the Mazda MX5-NB in October 1997, and in February 2005 the third generation was released. They did not sell as many cars, but they were still cars that made their way. As of July 2014, the NA had sold 431,506 units, the NB 290,123 units, and the NC 225,494 units. By May 2000, with 900,000 cars produced, it will be the world’s best-selling roadster.

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What do you think of this convertible?

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