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1 Convertible 1 Story : Mazda MX-5

Hello cab enthusiasts! A new story has arrived, thanks to Cyril. Here is his IG profile : La Miata Grise, he presents us his MX-5 NB FL.

“The MX-5, is the most reasonable unreasonable purchase,” is what the salesman told me when he handed me the keys. This sentence sums up the model and my reasons for buying it.

I was looking for a fun car to replace my DS 3 or to complement it. After a bit of thought and research, the second generation MX-5 was the perfect car: less than 10 000€ to buy in general, ultra-popular model so easy to maintain and repair if needed, old enough to have a manual top and no ESP but recent enough to be reliable and comfortable. Also, all the videos I saw on YouTube agreed that it was a very fun model to drive, as it was rear wheel drive and had a 50/50 weight distribution and the only problem was the tendency to rust.

Looking around on the net, I quickly found the website of ICS Auto, based in Haute-Savoie, a specialist in MX-5s and with a very good reputation on the forums. Among the models for sale, a 2003 MX-5 NB FL, special edition, 1st hand, 41,000 km, complete history, 100% original and without any corrosion… I sent an email on Sunday to ask for information and after a few exchanges of emails, I went on Friday to pick up the car.

It is a special Silver Blues series that came in two configurations: grey with a navy blue top and interior or navy blue with a grey top and interior, either in 1.6L (the one I have) or in 1.8L. It also has specific original 16″ wheels, a two-tone black and navy blue leather steering wheel and gear lever, white speedo bottoms with aluminium type rings etc. Looking around I found out that this special series only existed in Germany in 2003 and Mazda Germany told me that there were about 2500 of them. It also had “sister” series: in Belgium the Twin and in England the Nevada which have the same characteristics.

Since the purchase in July 2021, I have driven about 2,500 km. The main journey was a round trip from Lyon to the Côte d’Azur. I drove down the N7 and up the Napoleon road. On the spot, I did the famous Gorges du Verdon.

The car being completely original, I intend to keep it in this condition (and to pass it on as a collection in a few years). It has been to MX5 Héritage (which shares the ICS Auto premises) in autumn 2021 for a treatment of the chassis and the side rails, to avoid any risk of corrosion.

I hope to be able to continue to enjoy this little car for a long time to come on the roads of France, because it is indeed a real joy to drive!”

Thanks again to all the convertible fans for sharing their story! You too, don’t hesitate to contact us on our social networks FacebookInstagram and in the tab I send my photos.

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