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1 Convertible 1 Story : Mercedes 300SL R129

Hello everyone! We meet again with this new story from Ludovic, in which he presents us his passion car, his Mercedes 300SL R129

“My name is Ludovic and I’m 35 years old (it goes by so fast 😭 )

I live in the Ain department and I am a craftsman.

My passion for cars started at a very young age when I was lucky enough to be driven around in a Golf 1 GTI, BMW e30, 205 GTI and other nice vehicles that we could have in the 90s for many years I accompanied my uncle Jerome on many gatherings mainly oriented on the group VAG it was therefore logical for me that as soon as I had a car it would be German and more with a pronounced look type ¨German look ¨ so I made my weapons on a golf 3 convertible that was the happiness that made that by the following I had 4 others in various motorizations, As I got a little older I wanted to broaden my horizons by trying my hand at a few other brands, BMW Volvo and Mercedes, a brand that really fascinated me both in terms of its history and the way it reflects the world.

At the age of 23 I had the chance to join the star brand professionally and 4 years later I took the plunge and acquired my first Mercedes, however a station wagon for family use, other vehicles followed over the years and in 2017 following a separation I finally had the choice of having a car that I had dreamed of since my teenage years, the same car that was seen in the American rap videos in the early 2000s that rocked my teenage years.

After a few months of research I found the perfect model because of its relatively rare configuration in France. It’s a Mercedes SL 300 24v 231hp from 1993, the ideal cruiser. new for an emirate (purchase invoices 585000 fr a lot of money for the time) it is therefore equipped with a reinforced air conditioning of micro ventilated leather seats heating of the cruise control as well as a 5 speed auto box and standard equipment for this model electric windows, centralization, 6 speakers, electric soft top and hard top, anti-darkening net.

This SL has been my daily driver for 1 year but we’re not going to lie, it drinks as much as a trawler with its 1 ton 700 so it became a leisure car and obviously I couldn’t leave it as standard because I needed it to suit me.

When I bought it, it already had nice 18 inch wheels from the German manufacturer RH and short springs.

I just installed with the help of my uncle Jérôme (the car initiator 😂) an air suspension which allows to adjust the height of the car according to the desires and the roads used. This system also allows to keep a real comfort contrary to the short spring…

It also had some paint touch-ups while waiting for a complete one that should be done in the next few months as well as some sober modifications such as the installation of a first generation AMG body kit, a new soft top and a refurbishment of the upholstery that has some small defects.

 I can’t get enough of this car.

For people wishing to buy a Mercedes sl r129 if I give you an advice, it is to inquire about the cost of the parts because this one is really prohibitive (especially the elements of body) on the other hand to drive it is that of happiness this car attracts the sympathy of people in general.


Thanks to him! Don’t hesitate to visit his Instagram page.

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