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Saddlery work Fiat 124 CS2

Here are some pictures of the interior of a lovely Fiat 124 CS2, it has also had a major clean up to make it as bright as it was on day one. A lot of body & upholstery work has been done.

After several hours, the final result is perfect!

Simple and effective italian style 

                The Fiat 124 Spider is a derivative of the Fiat 124 Sedan presented at the 1966 Turin Motor Show. From 1966 to 1983, it was mainly sold in the United States, but was not very popular in Europe. It succeeded the Fiat 1100 and the Fiat 1300/1500 in order to modernise the range. The latter is simple and classic, and this will undoubtedly make its success.

                With its Lampredi engine, from an ex-Ferrari, and a body by Pininfarina, it starts out high and fast. Whether in terms of design or performance, it is a pleasure to drive. It can reach 180 km/h, including 100 km/h in 12.6 seconds, on its first version. And it will evolve a lot until the end of its production.

a car that is always evolving

In 1966 it was the Spider AS, the original release version of the vehicle, it would be present with its 90 hp and 5 speeds. And in 1968, it was the first modification with a change of the drive shaft, and more importantly, it was the beginning of the export to the USA.

In 1969 it was the turn of the Spider BS, which offered a choice of two engines. The original 1.4 L, or the new 1.6 L which brings the car to 100 hp with the addition of a second carburettor. It will be easily recognizable with 2 bumps on its bonnet.

In 1972, it was the Spider CS version that quickly took the lead with aesthetic and interior equipment modifications. Under the bonnet, the engine power was increased to 108 bhp with the 1600 engine, or to 118 bhp with the 1800 engine, which increased the top speed to 185 km/h.

In 1978, the American safety and anti-pollution standards caused a drop in performance. With the depollution and the fact that the bumper had to resist deformations in the event of a collision at 8 km/h, the engine gained a 2L, but fell below the 100 bhp mark with 87 bhp, which was less than the first version.

In 1979, an electronic injection will come to soften the consequences of the last modifications in order to make cross again the cap of the 100 hp, we are now with 105 hp.

In 1981, a limited edition was equipped with a turbocharger to increase power to 122 hp.


The car was then taken over by Pininfarina who, in 1982, brought out a DS edition of the vehicle with its 2L and 105 bhp. It will be back in Europe after 7 years of absence. The last version was released the following year, with only 500 units. It was the most powerful with 135 bhp.

She has also had some great moments in the field of racing and competition with several victories / top 3 with the support of Abarth.

In the end, 198,120 copies were sold throughout their production run.


What do you think of this convertible?

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