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Change of Soft Top of a Toyota MR2

Here is the change of a soft top for a Toyota MR2 made by Sellerie Bodinel. The old vinyl soft top was no longer usable, so we opted for a Stayfast Alpaga soft top.

The soft top is now brand new and the red offers a very good colour combination with the grey.

                  Launch of the MR2-MK1

In 1976, Toyota wanted to launch a car that would be fun and pleasant to drive, they launched the project but the oil crisis put an end to the project directly. In 1980, the North American market was expanding rapidly, and the idea of this model came back to the table. According to Toyota Magazine, the engineers were so enthusiastic that they gave up their summer holidays to continue working on the project.

It was announced in 1983 at the Tokyo Motor Show, and the production car was virtually the same as the concept car, with only modifications for stability.

            COMMERCIALIzATION of the MK1

It went on sale in 1948 and was sold six months later in the UK. It was not sold in France. It will be sold in two versions, the AW10 version of 1.5L, 83 hp and 4 cylinders, and the AW11 version of 1.6L, 130 hp, and 4 cylinders of 16 valves. With its 977 kilograms, the Toyota will very quickly make a place on the market, with distinctions from several magazines and an award for the car of the year in Japan. Its quality-price ratio, its road holding and its performance will be at the heart of the discussions. About 5 years later, in 1989, it was replaced by the MR2-MK2.

            COMMERCIALIzATION of the MK2

This time, the MK2 will also be distributed in France, but it will be called “MR”, not MR2, to avoid any resemblance with a French word. It will be 24.5 centimetres bigger than the first version and will be equipped with three different engines. In the UK, it will be a 119bhp 2L. Then comes the 165bhp 2L, and a 225bhp charged version. Following a Toyota Racing Devlopment body kit restoration and tuning scheme, which will be very expensive and therefore limited in number, we will see a lot of different types of body kits being launched all over the place. Transforming your car into a Ferrari, giving it a sporty look and performance, there will be something for everyone.

                       the MK-3 ROADSTER

In 1999, the MK3 will be announced as a Roadster. It will weigh 975 kg, lighter than the first version, and will have a 1.8 VVT-I 4-cylinder 16-valve engine. Its comfort, driving position, and road handling will be quickly overtaken by its lack of storage space, and its disappointing performance despite its reliability.

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