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1 Convertible 1 Story : BMW Z1

Hello everyone, we meet again for a new story. It’s about Rom1 and his red BMW Z1. On his Instagram account he shares his pictures of landscapes, travels and vintage cars …

“The story began in 2008 when my father, who had just retired but was still working, told me that he wanted to “invest” part of his retirement in a pleasure car.

The search began and the car that was on display in the BMW showroom when I didn’t yet have a licence came to mind: a red BMW Z1 (Top Rot). The budget corresponds so we go for it.

This search will lead us quickly to Caen to see a superb example (of German origin – without indicators on the front wings and with white headlights) with 41,000 km on the clock. Red interior, grey camouflage leather, all original, how can you resist?

A few weeks later, after an appointment at the banker’s, the deal is concluded over a good meal with the seller – who for the record has now become a very good friend (who has since bought another Z1) – and here we are, driving off in a BMW Z1.

I still remember the emotion of driving this car for the first time: a car that made me dream as a teenager. Even if the return home was partly under the rain…, it was only happiness!

After 13 years of use and more than 50,000 km driven, the pleasure of driving with the top down and the doors down is still just as exhilarating, and… hair-raising!

People always turn around when it passes. Some make the gesture with their hands of the doors going down to explain the mechanism to their neighbour. Others have asked me if it was the latest BMW model – which proves that its design hasn’t aged much – or if I built it myself!

Routine maintenance is pretty straightforward, but as soon as you touch the specific parts of the car, it gets more complicated. Like changing door belts or body parts. You then have to find a BMW mechanic who has done the Z1 training at the time!

The BMW Z1 remains a concept car marketed at a time when it was still possible. More than 30 years later, this car is still modern, reliable and easy to use – except for the closed soft top – and its line is still as modern as ever, proof that the designers were right at the time!

In conclusion, we pamper it, we drive it and we enjoy it!”

Thanks to him for this new story. Take the opportunity to admire his beautiful photos on his Instagram account romf1. And you too can share the story of your convertible with the LeBlogDuCab community!

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