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Soft Top assembly Chrysler Crossfire

Hello everyone. Here is my Chrysler Crossfire for which I replaced the black soft top with a grey Sonnenland A5 Alpaca soft top from Comptoir du Cabriolet.


Crossfire generalities

The Chrysler Crossfire is a 2-seat, rear-wheel-drive 2004 sports car based on the Mercedes-Benz R170 chassis, sharing up to 80 percent of its components. It retained the essential elements of its “concept” car, which is rare in the industry, and it caught the eye. Its design was also very attractive. It is nevertheless divided between love and hate from the automotive community. Despite its 80% Mercedes credentials, it will suffer from the ‘Mercedes is better and more prestigious’. While some say that it was underestimated and will eventually come back with a vengeance.


It was a commercial failure for Chrysler. But some parts of its production helped. It had a “recirculating ball” steering mechanism, which motorists were not used to. It also had different front and rear tyre sizes. The initial buyers had to deal with rather weak engines and regular mechanical problems which marred the reputation too.

The car was initially equipped with a 3.2L V6 engine for 259 hp with 6 manual or 5 automatic gears. Due to complaints about the low power Chrysler will have released a 3.2L V6 engine with 334 hp.

end of production

In 2004, when it was released, the Crossfire sold 14,969 units, then in 2005 it went down to 14,665 units, before going completely down to 8,216 units and never going back up. In order to turn the company around during a difficult financial period, production will be discontinued, which will cost car dealerships having to bring out all the vehicles.

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                                                           What do you think of this convertible?

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