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1 Convertible 1 Story : Mercedes 380SL R107

Hello everyone, we meet again for a new story, the one of Mathias and Jenny his Mercedes 380SL type R107, he is an enthusiast and he shares his adventures on Instagram and with us today.

“I’ve been a vintage car fan since I was a kid, my parents drove a cox, a mini, a 15/6 traction car, and my father finally fell for a silver cloud from 62….

And for the connoisseurs, my grandfather even owned an ultra rare Hebmüller beetle….

In short, I’ve always been into it!

It was my passion for 80’s TV that made me fall in love with the Mercedes SL type R107 (and especially the US model), Dallas, “the love of risk”, the Beverly Hills cop….

After months of searching, I bought a 1985 380SL in a superb “champagne” combination, brown soft top and cream leather in March 2020.

The equipment for the time is just incredible, cruise control, 4 disc brakes, ABS, air conditioning, heated seats…. It has now 240000 km

It is Canadian and has a very loud (and very greedy) 3.8L V8 catalysed with a power of…… 157hp!!! I might as well tell you that it has the acceleration of a twingo! But it is made for cruising….

It required major transformations to return to its original state, rims, headlights, exhaust, it had been “massacred” !

In 1 and a half years the car has had quite a refresh

-> injection system
-> shock absorbers
-> 4 tyred
-> Silentbloks
-> various hoses
-> stainless steel outlet
-> paint
-> soft top (thanks @comptoirducabriolet)
-> hard-top paint

I take the car out as often as possible, because an oldtimer is made to drive even in winter !!! And I’m in love with the sound of this exceptional V8….

Here are some pictures of its evolution!” (In the carousel at the top of the page)

Thanks to Mathias for sharing the story of his cab with us, feel free to go follow it on Instagram. And you too can share the story of your cab with LeBlogDuCab and its community.

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